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Mobile Banking from Arvest
Arvest Mobile WebMobile Web puts the primary functions of Arvest Online Banking within reach of your mobile device. The most commonly used features of Online Banking are available using your mobile browser, including BillPay.

You can perform many functions via Mobile Web:

  • Check balances
  • Get history
  • Transfer funds
  • Pay bills
  • Locate a nearby Branch/ATM

Mobile Web Banking is available to you as soon as enrollment is completed. Read the Learn More section for information and instructions on how to enroll for Mobile Banking.

For more detailed information about Mobile Web Banking, please review the FAQs below.
What is Mobile Web Banking?
Arvest Mobile Web Banking enables you to retrieve information and manage your bank accounts from a mobile device using its web browsing functionality. If you already bank online, it is another way of accessing your account balances and reviewing your most recent account activity using the internet browser installed on your mobile device.
What do I need to use Arvest Mobile Web?
To access Mobile Web Banking, you must have:
  • Arvest Online Banking user ID and password
  • Register for Arvest Mobile Banking and have at least one verified mobile device
  • Your registered mobile device must support web browsing functionality
  • A wireless data plan with your mobile carrier (data charges may apply)
How do I access Arvest Mobile Web?
From your mobile phone’s browser, simply type in and then log on using your Online Banking user ID and password. You may be presented with a security question when logging on to Mobile Web in certain circumstances as determined by our security program.
How do I bookmark Arvest Mobile Web Banking on my smartphone's home screen?

It's easy to add a link icon for the Mobile Banking login to your phone's main screen where your apps are located.

iPhone - When you’re looking at a web page, select “+” at the bottom of the screen, and then select “Add to Home Screen”.

Android – Add a shortcut to a web page on your Android device:

  1. Bookmark the page you want to add to a home screen
  2. Go to the home screen you want to add the link to
  3. Long-press in an empty space to bring up the “Add to Home Screen” menu
  4. Select “Shortcuts”
  5. Select “Bookmark”
  6. Choose your bookmark!

Blackberry - You can provide a shortcut to a particular web page address by adding up to ten web links to the application icons screen. When the user clicks a web link icon, the browser opens and displays the specified web page. Only BlackBerry® devices running BlackBerry Device Software version 4.5 or higher support this feature. If a user loads a theme using web links on a device running an earlier version of the BlackBerry Device Software , the BlackBerry device ignores it and does not display it on the application icons screen.

  1. Click the Application Icons button at the left of the Inspector pane.
  2. Open the Web Links section of the Application Icons screen Inspector.
  3. Select Add Web Link.
  4. In the Name field, type a name for the application. This name appears on the application icons screen, prepended with the phrase “Web Link:”.
  5. In the Address field, type the web page address to display in the browser when the user clicks the application icon.
  6. Click OK.
Why was I asked a security question?
Authentication is an integral part of the security of Mobile Web, which utilizes the same security standards used by Online Banking. When signing up for Online Banking, you are asked to create security questions only Arvest and you will know in order to verify your identity.
Can I still view the full website from my mobile device?
Yes. From your mobile phone’s browser, simply type in and if you prefer to view the full website versus the mobile web version, select Classic View at the bottom of your screen.
Can I view Account Balance and History on Mobile Web?
From your mobile phone’s browser, simply type in and then log on using your Online Banking user ID and password.
  • Balance: The Mobile Web home page displays a list of your accounts and their balances. You can return to this page at any time by selecting the View Accounts option from the menu.
  • History: After you log on you can click on any of the accounts listed in Accounts to view that account’s activity. The Account Activity page will display posted and pending transactions, beginning with the most recent transaction. By clicking on an account transaction, you can see the details for that specific transaction.
How current is the balance information?
Account information displayed in Mobile Banking is real time information and matches what is displayed within Online Banking. Pending transactions that have not fully processed will display with a (P).
Are transfers immediate?
Mobile Banking transfer requests are transmitted to the bank when you initiate it on your mobile device and the bank receives it via the mobile network. Any interruption in the mobile network could delay the request being received by Arvest. Transfers made after 8:00 PM will post on the next business day.
How can I view recent transfers?
To review recent transfers, select View Accounts and then select the account you wish to view. The account history will show and will display any transfers to or from that account.
Can I transfer funds between financial institutions?
No, currently you can only transfer funds between your accounts at Arvest.
What is the maximum amount I can transfer between accounts?
There is no maximum transfer limit between your accounts at Arvest.
Can I pay bills through Mobile Web?
Yes. From your mobile phone’s browser, simply type in and then log on using your Online Banking user ID and password.
  • Select Pay Bills option from the menu
  • Select Schedule a Payment from the list of options
  • Choose the payee
  • Select which account to pay the bill from
  • Enter the amount to pay
  • Enter the date for the paymentdate
  • Select Pay
  • You will have the option to select "Send Copy" to receive a payment confirmation via SMS text message.
How do I know that my bill payment was successful?
Upon the successful completion of the bill payment, a confirmation message displays on your screen. The confirmation message includes the biller, the transaction amount, the account nickname, the payment date, and the confirmation number.
How do I view recent payments?
To review recent payments, select Pay Bills from the main menu and then select View Recent Payments.
Can I view my scheduled payments?
Yes. To review scheduled payments, select Pay Bills from the main menu and then select View Scheduled Payments.
How can I cancel a scheduled payment?
To review scheduled payments, select Pay Bills from the main menu and then select View Scheduled Payments. Select the payment you wish to delete and when the payment details display, select Cancel Payment.
How do I set up/add/remove payees displayed in Mobile Web?
To review your Payees available for payment, select Pay Bills from the Mobile Banking menu on your device, and then access the Select a Payee drop down menu. This menu will list all available Payees. To edit your Payees, you must log in to Online Banking and choose Payees using the Mobile Banking tab, or add Payees in Arvest BillPay before they appear in your mobile device. By default, all Payees are activated for selection in Mobile Banking upon enrollment and after if any Payees are added. You can remove Payees within Mobile Banking by selecting the Payees section from the submenu.
What if the Payee does not receive my payment?
Contact Customer Service for assistance.
Can I create a Payee in Mobile Banking?
No, Payees can only be created within Online BillPay.
How do I find Arvest branch offices and ATM locations?

To find nearby Arvest branch or ATM locations, select Locations from the main menu and then search by zip code or by street address. Anyone can use the ATM/Branch Locator from the mobile home page without logging in. You have the option to search for a location by zip code or address.

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